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Voting Bonus: Charisma's "Kiss Me" Tour, 2008

This bonus features Charisma Epoch slightly prior to her commencing as a cadet at Magellan. It also features someone else... but you'll have to read to see who! [Commentary below]

"Kiss Me"
What would it be like to be a spoilt, self-centered teen with super powers whose father happened to be the most powerful and most popular super-hero in the world? Welcome to Charisma Epoch's personal HELL!

This bonus grew out of a comment in Charisma's cast bio: Despite a blossoming potential pop career (three #1 singles) her fragile ego has been stung by critics who suggest her 'fame' is only a by-product of her father's influence. Also, everytime she performed a concert some superpowered villain saw it as an opportunity to attack as a means of taking out retribution against daddy Epoch - essentially putting an end to her concert touring.

I wanted to touch briefly on Charisma's pop career woes but, as is the random nature of these bonuses, it grew into a mini-epic! Set in 2008 - a year before the current Magellan storyline - this bonus has become a showcase for all things Charisma and highlights the debacle that was her last concert. Just like her father, Charisma has strength, invulnerability and the ability to fly - but she is nowhere as powerful or skilled, and may never be in his league. Even so, she can hold her own, up to a point, against a psycho like Sista Superior (a baddie created specifically for this bonus - but, who knows, may pop up again!).

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