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None of the pics in this section have anything to do with Magellan - some of them aren't even drawn by me (but I always get permission for their use... always always!) They're just one-off fan arts or spur of the moment projects and the like. Since they've got nowhere else to live I've let them camp-out here.
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Cheesus Briest
A man walks into a cheese shop...
Venlat's Ladies
Guest art for Night & Day...
One Small Leap
Hitch a cosmic ride (dude)!
Why smoking can be bad for your health!
King Mel
Fan arty pic for Vile Terror...
Diplomatic discussions between Australia and the Netherlands break down... great cartoon by Mr. Bob of Star Bored.
Goes BOOM!
Would you trust a teacher who mixes alkalie metals and water? No? Then don't trust Dr. Duff!!

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